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District 3 Chair & Co-Chair

Minnesota Trappers Association
District 3 Reports
Don McGaffey
9811 Chippewa Heights
Brandon, MN 56315
(320) 815-0047

Photo of Eric Maijala
Eric Maijala
56015 Co Rd 8
New York Mills,
MN 56567
Photo of Keith FriedsamCo-Director
Keith Friedsam
509 Pinetree Drive  
Perham, MN 56573

Director - Don McGaffey
Fall 2018 Report

Greetings members of district 3,

Fall is upon us and soon we will be getting steel back out and pursuing our passion once again. Yeah, I’m fully aware of the outlook on fur prices but I never make a nickel fishing for walleyes either. There are lots of guys that are better trappers than I am but nobody has more fun and enjoyment out on the line than I do! Whether prices are high or low, get out there and enjoy what God has given us!

        The first order of business that I would like to inform you of is the fact that Larry Anderson has resigned as your district 3 director for personal reasons. I would like to thank Larry for his years of service. Due to Larry’s resignation, the Board of Directors then elected me to be the district 3 director to finish out Larry’s term. I will do the best that it can to fill the big shoes that I have been chosen to fill. I have appointed two co-directors to assist with the leadership of district three. I am very excited to welcome Eric Maijala and Keith Friedsam aboard. I am very much looking forward to working with these young and enthusiastic gentleman. Their intro co-director report will follow in this issue.

        The 2018 convention is in the books and I had a very enjoyable time. Yeah there was a little moisture from time to time on Saturday, but the opportunity to visit with friends and swap lies was once again worth attending by itself. The demos that I attended were informational and it amazes me how many times I find myself thinking “why didn’t I think of that”. Old dogs can learn new tricks. District four put together a fine convention and Barnum is a very gracious host community. Nicest bunch of folks you ever could meet. Thank you district four and Barnum!!

        District three manned a booth at the Douglas County Fair in Alexandria for the MTA August 16th through the 19th. The Douglas County Fair has an average attendance of between forty and forty five thousand attendees every year. We sold a good quantity of tanned fur and had lots of good conversations with the general public. We were very well received and had lots of positive remarks. I would like to thank Butch Herzberg, Eric Maijala, Keith Friedsam, Richard Woodard, and Christian McGaffey for their dedication. Couldn’t have done it without you!

        The Youth Outdoor Activities Day was held August 26th at the shooting park in Alexandria. This is the 5th year of this event I believe and continues to grow every year. The first year there were approximately 400 young people 16 and younger that attended. Last year there were 2400 attendees and it is believed that this year exceeded that! District 3 had an MTA booth there again this year and had good exposure with both the youth and the adults that came with them. A huge thank you goes out to Butch Herzberg, Tyler Doherty, Gene Tschida, Marc Lundeen, and Nick Lundeen for the great job they did. Opportunities to educate and inform the public about what we do happen because of people like you and I can’t thank you enough!!

        In regards to future happenings, District 3 will be having our fall meeting Friday October 12th at 7:00 pm at the Perham Sportsman’s Club located at 42825 420th Ave., Perham, Mn. Hope to see you all there!!

        I would like to remind everyone that the winter meeting and the legal defense banquet are moving to Brainard, Mn. this next January. More information is available within these covers so make sure and check that out and get your legal defense banquet tickets bought! The food is well worth the price and the fun and entertainment is an excellent bonus! make plans to attend; you won’t be disappointed!

        Remember the tanned fur project and donate generously. If you don’t have any fur to donate, donate your skills and time. As has been talked about earlier, Melbys’ won’t be putting up our tanned fur anymore so if you can assist with this endeavor, let Dewey, Eric, Keith or myself know and we get you connected. Along that same line, if you have fur to donate, you can contact the same names mentioned above.

               That’s all I have for now. Looking forward to seeing you at the fall meeting October 12!
Stay safe,
Don McGaffey
Co-Director Keith Friedsam
Fall 2018 - Letter of Introduction

Trapping season is coming up faster and faster. During the summer convention in Barnum I received a call from Don regarding if I wanted to be co-director, I accepted. However while writing this I do not have much information regarding new information about the MTA. I’ll start with a little about myself.

I grew up doing a lot of hunting and fishing but no trapping, the most trapping I did was gopher trapping and that gets old quick. I started looking at a lot of videos regarding trapping and just started from there I taught myself how to trap and it was a trial and error type of hobby. I started trapping when I turned 16 and the first couple years were hard and finally after the 2nd year I started to get the hang of it. I have trapped every season since then and couldn’t live with missing a season. It is something I have a passion for and I cannot see it going away anytime in the future. I am currently a salesmen, but that is going to be changing as I am going to back to school this year. I have done a lot of sitting at local county fairs selling fur and raffle tickets and it is a great way to show what the MTA is and does along with why trapping is necessary.

My cell is 218-298-4964, my email is otrtrapping@gmail.com. My address is 509 Pinetree Drive Perham MN 56573. I am also an instructor with the MTA, if you have any questions regarding the certification process I’d be more than willing to help. If you have anything that needs to be looked at or questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

I look forward to meeting many of you at our district meetings and conventions.
Keith Friedsam
Co-Director - Eric Maijala
Winter 2018 Report

Greetings fellow trappers,

My hope is that all have been able to get out and do some trapping this fall.  I have started after the deer season and I am enjoying every minute of drilling holes and trap beds into the frozen ground.  We had our district meeting in early October and small turnout but had good conversations.  I want to thank Mike Fick for donating an Otter already tanned to the tanned fur project.  I would also like to thank Dave Graham for bring a few traps for door prizes and he also purchased a ticket for the Legal Defense Banquet to give away as a door prize.  We are planning our next district meeting to be in Park Rapids in March or early April, so watch the website and the mailbox as we will send out post cards.  That meeting will be the one with our raffle.  Also watch the website for any information on the Trapper Day at the Capitol.  We had a group of around 30 trappers last year and it would be nice to make it bigger this year.  I hope to see a lot of you at the winter meeting in Baxter and LDB in Brainerd on Saturday, January 5th.  Good luck with your trapping and stay safe.

©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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