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MTA President, Todd Roggenkamp

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Minnesota Trappers Association
President's Report
Todd Roggenkamp
8100 Shady Trail
Breezy Point, MN  56472
(218) 562-4050

MTA President’s Report
Fall 2018

Members of the MTA:

Greetings. I trust you have survived the summer and are looking forward to the cooler days of fall like I am. As the leaves turn we will be putting our thoughts fully towards the coming seasons with anticipation. New ideas and thoughts for our trap lines will be put to the test and we will be excited to see the results. I always love the fall and getting ready. Dying traps and smelling the aspen leaves as they turn is something I look forward to every year! I encourage each and every one of you to take someone who has not experienced a trap line with you this fall. Introduce them to the sport we all love so much and teach them about the importance of trapping within the frame work of conservation. If we don’t no one else will.

If you did not get to attend the convention, from all reports I received it was a good one despite the poor weather. While I was unable to attend due to my job commitments, the BOD and volunteers made sure things went well. I want to thank District 4 for their hard work and efforts for hosting the convention this past year. I also want to thank any others who volunteered to help out in some way as well. Your commitment and passion for trapping is what makes this organization strong and the BOD and I know without your support we are not able to do the things we need to help support trappers in this state. To all the vendors and tailgaters thank you for you coming to the MTA convention and supporting the organization as well. I do want to give out a quick shout out to Bear Creek Tavern for their generous donation of pig roast and live entertainment at this year’s convention. To Heather Ladd and her husband who own the business, I say thank you for your support! This year’s raffle was another success and I want to thank chair Tom Boser for all of his hard work for overseeing the raffle for the MTA. This job is one that requires a lot of time and commitment and the BOD and I really appreciate all that he does for the program. To all of you who bought a ticket or sold tickets, thank you for helping support and work to support youth and trapper education in this state. At the BOD meeting it was approved to hold next year’s annual convention in Redwood Falls with District 7 hosting it. Thanks to District 7 for stepping up and taking it on. The convention will be held the first weekend in August. Look for more details forthcoming in future reports and MTA Magazines.  

The Winter Meeting will be held this year in Brainerd, MN. Please come and join us for a day of activities and the general membership meeting. Time, date, and place can be found in the magazine. The MTA will also be holding another Legal Defense Fund Banquet at the Brainerd American Legion that evening. I encourage you to get your tickets as they will go fast. For contact information and how to purchase a ticket please look to the Vice President’s report or the Ad found further on in the magazine. I know the committee is working hard to put on a good event for all those who attend.

This year is an election year and I encourage all of you to get out and vote. It will be a big year as we will have a new governor as well as some changes in the state legislature. I encourage you to research the candidates and find out as much as you can about them. The political scene is ever changing in our state and it is important we support people who are going to work with us, not against us regarding trapping and use of it in MN. With this being stated the MTA will once again be active at the state level monitoring legislation that could be introduced to hurt trapping as well as looking at introducing legislation that will help promote and increase trapping opportunities for trappers. This includes Non-Resident trapping as well as other potential positive changes in trapping regulations. The MTA will be hosting another Trappers Day at the Capital this year. MOHA liaison Randy Goldenman will have more information about this in his report and also in the magazine and on our MTA website. I ask all of you as members to remain vigilant in your area and if you hear about a potential issue for trappers to please contact your District Directors or MTA officers.

Speaking of District Directors and Co-Directors I want to take this time to welcome Don McGaffey as the new director of District 3. Don was recently voted by the district to fill the remainder of Larry Anderson’s term who resigned due to health reasons. I want to thank Larry as well for his time and years he served as co-director and director of District 3. Along with this District 3 has two new co-directors, Keith Friedsam and Eric Maijala. Eric is also our Souvenir Coordinator. District 5 and District 2 both have new co-directors. In District 5 Dan Parsons and District 2 Dennis Strand. To all of you, thanks for stepping up to serve the MTA in these capacities.  

As I have reported in the past, The DNR approached the MTA recently about two proposed rule changes they were considering in making. One had to do with expanding the Bobcat, Fisher, and Marten zone statewide. This rule change would them make it legal to catch these three species statewide during their respective seasons.  The second proposed rule change had to do with making break away devices (BADS) capable breaking at #350 lbs. or less required on all land snares statewide. Exceptions would be any snares used during a regulated Wolf season, snares used as a water set or if the material used to form the snare loop was rated to break at #350 lbs. or less. In the report they gave at the summer BOD meeting, the DNR has decided to do another year of gathering data before deciding to expand the Bobcat, Fisher, Marten zone statewide. They have agreed with moving forward with the use of BADS for snares, with one change to the language. BADS would be required on all snares with no exception given to snares set in water capable of drowning the animal. Their reasoning given, it will make it easier for enforcement as they will then not have to interpret whether or not the set was capable of drowning the animal. They did agree to give a two year “sunset” period for this and have asked the MTA BOD to come up with a starting point for the DNR to use. This will be discussed at the upcoming BOD meeting this fall.  

I hope all of you enjoyed the last issue of the MTA magazine. Cat Hanson our MTA Magazine Editor has been working hard to put a magazine out that you the member can enjoy. However, she needs you the members to keep sending her articles and pictures she can put in. The magazine is for you the member, but she needs your help to fill it with content. If you have questions or are not sure what she needs, please contact her. I know she will be more than happy to help you out!

The MTA has just recently launched a new and updated website. I encourage all of you to go on the site and check it out. Carol Thaemert the MTA webmaster has worked hard to get it updated not only on the technology end, but also in making it more user friendly for those who come to it. Check out all the new features and look at the new merchandise out on the MTA online store. You can purchase easily on line through the site and renew your membership as well.
I am going to close by encouraging you to read all of the other articles, columns, and reports in the magazine. This magazine is for you the member to be informed about what is going in this organization. If you ever have a question for any of the people who hold a position, please don’t hesitate to contact them. All of their information is found in this magazine. We are here to serve you the member and we will do our best to continue doing so. I am always available and you can reach me at any time. If I am not around I will do my best to get back to you as soon as I can.

I wish you all the luck on your trap line this fall. Thank you for your continued support and remember, Together we stand.


©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
©️ Copyright 2018 MN Trappers Assn. All rights reserved.
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